Infinity Digital Signage System

The ErgoMounts Infinity Video Wall is an award winning, state of the art mounting system ideal for large scale AV installations. The Infinity can mount several large screens to the wall, ceiling or floor. Whether you’re looking for create a relatively small video wall to mount 4 x 32” screens on to a mobile trolley or you want to suspend 12  x 60” screens from the ceiling the ErgoMounts Infinity Video Wall can be configured to meet your needs.


Using the components in the Infinity Series we can develop a mounting solution that is not only compatible with your screens (no matter the size or weight) but put’s them in exactly the position and configuration you desire. The Infinity Series comes with a number of different options and can be supplied on a mobile trolley, secure floor stand, wall mount or ceiling mount.


Because the Infinity Video Wall Series is actually sourced from a fairly small range of components all of the products within this range are built with adaption and expansion in mind. Imagine the series like building block. Your setup could begin with 6 six screens but later on it’s decided that the setup actually needs 8 screens. Rather than going back to the drawing board and having to purchase a whole new stand we can supply the components needed to expand the existing video wall to accommodate the additional 2 screens. This isn’t just for adding to the setup but can also completely change the way the system is mounted, easily turning a floor stand into a wall mount or even suspending it from the ceiling.


All of the products in the ErgoMounts Infinity Video Wall range have been designed to be incredibly installer friendly. Despite the large and high end nature of these products they can often be installed and assembled in a matter of minutes. To help aid  in the installation and maintenance process we can supply the Infinity with a range of Pop Out Interfaces which feature tool-less 8 point micro-adjustment and allow installers and technicians access behind the central screens without needed to remove or alter the position of the outer monitors.