Medical / Healthcare Mounting Solutions

ErgoMounts have been supplying professionals in the healthcare sector with high quality computer and monitor mounting equipment for almost 15 years. In that time we have worked with 1000’s of clinics and hospitals all around the globe to supply medical grade solutions that can be adjusted to meet the ergonomic criteria of 95% of adults. All of our healthcare mounts are manufactured to order by our partners in the United States.

All products are tested and hand assembled by our team of technical experts at our factory in Aldershot, Hampshire to ensure they meet the high standards our customers have come to expect.



We understand that no two requirements are the same. Especially not in medical environments where space is already at a premium. That’s why we make sure every single one of our medical grade mounts are made to order to meet your exact specifications. And because we make these in the UK and USA our lead times are much shorter than those relying on manufacturing from the Far East. 98% of our customers receive their bespoke mounting arms within 14 – 21 days of placing an order.


Our range of ICWUSA mounts stand up to the rigors of continuous use in challenging environments. Manufactured with heavy duty internal parts and strong but lightweight Billet Aluminium, all of our mounts are tough and reliable.
When combined with our PPM (Planned Preventative Maintenance) programme we have seen mounts in the field that are still operating after a decade of daily use.


PPM (Planned Preventative Maintenance) is a service we offer for all of our medical mounting solutions. Our team of highly trained engineers will visit your site every 6 months to ensure that all of your arms are operating as intended. With regular maintenance checks we can often diagnose and repair small issues that develop with gas lift arms over time. It helps to keep your arms working for longer and also helps to minimise downtime.


Here are some examples of our medical grade computer and monitor mounting solutions installed in varies healthcare & clean room environments around the world.


On site surveys of the environment where clinicians and IT are looking to deploy technology and clinical applications. Specific products are recommended for each deployment location and requirement.

Once specific solutions are identified from the Site Survey, evaluation products and installation are provided for evaluation.

Once the product configuration has been selected, our team of factory trained engineers will install the mounts to maximise the product performance, safety and appearance.

We offer planned preventative maintenance agreements to ensure our mounting products work well for longer. It helps minimise down time and ultimately increases your ROI over the operating period of the arms.


ErgoMounts are the only official European Distributor and Warranty Centre for ICWUSA’s hospital and dental AV arms. With a team of highly skilled installers across the country ErgoMounts are not only able to supply and warranty ICW’s fantastic range of monitor and keyboard mounting arms but we are also able to install and service all the products in their extensive catalogue.

ICWUSA are based out of Medford, Oregon on the West Coast of the United States and as a family run operation have been producing high quality mounting arms since 1992.

All ICWUSA products are manufactured to order in the states before shipping to ErgoMounts Headquarters in Aldershot, Hampshire where they are hand assembled by our highly skilled team of Engineers to ensure that all products leaving for European customers are up to the high standards set by each and every ICW product.

Not only is ICW a brand trusted by hospitals, dentists, veterinarians and schools all across the world they are also present throughout the NHS including some of its largest trusts.

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