Keyboard Trays & Mounts

Transform your desk space with one of our adjustable keyboard mounts. These arms are all medical grade and can be adjusted to meet the ergonomic criteria of 95% of adults without the need of tools or technical abilities. 

Keyboard Mounts Explained

Because all of our keyboard mounts are made to order we can offer one the highest number of customisation options available on the market today. This includes 4 different mount styles (desk, wall, wall track and pole), 3 different arm reach lengths (compact, extended and long reach) and 6 different keyboard trays:
Ultra: Ultra Keyboard Tray + Pull Out Mouse Tray
Composite: Composite Keyboard Tray + Pull Out Mouse Tray
Mini: Mini Keyboard Tray (Suitable for Mini Keyboards ONLY)
Mini Flat: Mini Flat Keyboard Tray (Suitable for Mini Keyboards ONLY)
Worksurface: Worksurface Tray + Pull Out Keyboard Drawer
Platform: Flip Up Worksurface Tray + Ultra Keyboard Tray + Pull Out Mouse Tray

If you’re having trouble building a keyboard mount for your project or would like some advise from our knowledgeable technical experts contact our team today.

Industrial Keyboard Mounts

As the use of iPad’s and Tablets began to sky rocket most of the machinery manufacturers started to incorporate touch screen controls into their products in place of the more traditional keyboard & mouse. However, in the last couple of years we’ve seen several manufacturers going back to using keyboards to operate their machines. Our range of keyboard mounts can be added during the design phase or even retrofitted to machinery at a later date. We have a number of customers that use ErgoMounts keyboard mounts as an up-sell for clients that are looking for more adjustment or a higher quality finish than they offer as standard. Because our keyboard trays are constructed from billet aluminium with a powder coated finish they are not only durable but can also regularly be cleaned with high strength bleach based solutions making them ideal for use in areas were they will be exposed to dust, dirt and oils (like factories or workshops).

Medical Keyboard Mounts

All of our ergonomic keyboard mounts where originally designed with the medical and healthcare sector in mind. Great for use on wards or as part of a much larger workstation setup it allows the keyboard and mouse to pulled out and positioned at the point of need when required but then neatly folded and stowed away when no longer in use. These can be combined with any of our ICWUSA monitor arms to create a state of the art healthcare workstation ideal for use in hospitals, clinics, dentists and even veterinary practices. These keyboard mounts can be wiped between uses with hospital grade cleaning mixtures (10,000 parts bleach per 1,000,000). ErgoMounts also supply several different medical keyboards & mice that can be combined with our keyboard arms.