Laptop Wall Mounts

ErgoMounts sell a range of high quality laptop wall mounts that have been designed with office, home and even medical environments in mind. Whether you’re looking to create a stunning office setup or you need to create an ergonomic workstation with a semi-permanent device mount we have a product to meet your needs. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact our sales team for further assistance.

Semi-Permanent Workstation Wall Mounts

By using one of ErgoMounts laptop wall mounts you can quickly create a stunning, modern looking workstation. The laptop or notebook can quickly be secured in to the mount and used just like a screen on a monitor arm. These mounting solutions are ideal for when the employee using the workstation needs to be able to work remotely from a laptop but is also based in the office several days a week.

Compatible With Most Laptops & Notebooks

Because all of our laptop wall mounts are designed to use a cradle based system rather than a clamp enclosure they are compatible with a majority of laptops and notebooks straight out of the box. It also future-proofs your purchase allowing you to replace or upgrade the laptop at a later date without needing to purchase an entirely new laptop wall mount. If you would like to check the compatibility of your current devices contact our sales team and we will let you know which of our mounts will be suitable for your requirements.