Monitor Desk Mounts

ErgoMounts manufactures and distributes one of the largest portfolios of desk mounted monitor arms on the market today. We have models available for almost every conceivable environment. All of  our desk mounted solutions are designed to assist users in creating a more ergonomic and in turn, healthier working environment.

The Ergomounts range includes desk arms with reach adjustments from just 80mm all the way up to a massive 1066mm. Solutions are available for office, medical, retail and industrial applications. Many solutions are available in a number of finishes and several have the option of adding keyboard and mouse trays.

Our range of monitor & TV desk mounts are widely used by some of the world’s leading businesses such as ITV, BAE and Goldman Sachs. See how our desk mounts have been used in other projects on our case studies page.

VESA Monitor Desk Mounts

ErgoMounts monitor desk mounts cover all the latest international standards set by VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association). Our extensive market knowledge and relationships with leading screen manufacturers enable us to quickly cross reference the make and model of your monitor against our range to ensure you always receive a desk mounting solution that’s compatible.

Monitor Desk Mount Fittings

Desks can be supplied in a whole manner of sizes, shapes and materials. Because of this most of our monitor & tv desk mounts can be supplied with a range of fittings: desk clamp, bolt through & free standing.

Desk Clamp: The desk clamp fitting attaches the arm on to the edge of the desk. This means that the desk itself doesn’t have to be altered in anyway (holes drilled etc.). One key dis-advantage to this method is that the arm has to be positioned on the edge of the desk. This can prove to be problematic for larger or shared desk setups. It also less secure than a bolt through desk fitting as the clamp may begin to loosen after continued use.
Bolt Through: A bolt through desk fitting requires a small hole to be drilled through the surface of the desk. The mount is then lowered onto the hole and secured in place from underneath. This is the most stable way to mount a desk based monitor arm and would always be our recommended installation method (especially for multiple monitor setups).
Free Standing: Our range of free standing desk mounts can be positioned anywhere on the desk without needing to drill into the desk. As a general rule the larger the screen or number of screens the bigger the free standing base will need to be in order to keep the mount stable.

Medical Grade Monitor & TV Desk Mounts

All of our ICWUSA desk mounts have been designed for use in medical and healthcare environments. They are manufactured to our order out of billet aluminium and are finished in a durable powder coating. These monitor desk mounts are already being used by 100’s of hospitals and clinics all across the globe including several NHS Trusts. Although designed with hospitals in mind they are excellent in dental practices, veterinary clinics and clean rooms. As standard all our medical arms are available in three colours: Medical White, Light Grey or Black. We can also create custom colour solutions to match existing medical furniture and cabinets.