Monitor / TV Ceiling Mounts

It’s not always practical to mount a screen from the floor or off of the wall, that’s why we have developed the ErgoMounts TV Ceiling Mounts range of products. All are designed to provide tilt and rotational movement along with height adjustment on a number of models. These mounts have all been developed to secure directly to the ceiling itself (provided it is suitably strong enough). However, we do also offer a range of different ceiling mount options suitable for girder and pole systems. Find out more on our accessories page or contact our sales team for more information.

Medical TV Ceiling Mounts

Some of our ceiling mounts have been designed specifically for use in medical or healthcare environments. For example the T2 Elite has already been used by several NHS Trust’s and private health organisations to provide PES (Patient Entertainment Systems) in wards and clinics. The vast range of movement allows monitors to be positioned in front of doctors or patients and then move effortlessly out of the way when not in use. All of our medical arms are manufactured to order by our partners in the United States, ICWUSA.

Industrial TV Ceiling Mounts

Because all of our medical arms have been designed to be cleaned regularly with hospital grade disinfectant (10,000 parts bleach per 1,000,000) they are also ideal for mounting in industrial environments where they will be regularly exposed to dust, dirt and oils (workshops, factories, garages, etc.). Constructed from Billet Aluminium they have been designed for years of reliable and durable service.

Digital Signage Ceiling Mounts

Digital signage has never been more accessible to businesses both large and small than it is today. Whether you’re looking to implement dynamic company information in your reception areas and office or you’d like to include a digital menu board to your food chain or restaurant our ceiling mounts can accommodate screens of any size. If you’re looking for a larger scale digital signage solution the ErgoMounts Infinity Range can be configured to build bespoke video walls.