Monitor & TV Floor Stands

ErgoMounts produce a wide range of Monitor & TV floor Stands ideal for home, office or exhibition use. When mounting up from the floor you are no longer reliant on nearby walls or desking to secure from. The stand can be positioned anywhere required (space permitting) and they can often take considerably more weight than ceiling mounts. Our range all still allow for a great degree of tilt, rotation and reach adjustment. You can also mount an optional keyboard tray to turn our floor stands into a computer workstation. For larger scale installations we have developed the ErgoMounts Infinity Series, a modular Video Wall mounting solution for the Pro AV market. Our floor stands are available in a variety of different base options, each ideal for their own unique situations and requirements.

Fixed Monitor & TV Floor Stands

Our fixed TV Floor Stands are ideal for environments where the screen is at risk of being moved or damaged. The bases are bolted to the floor securing the TV in place and preventing the stand from moving or falling accidentally. These kinds of products are ideal for areas where the screen could be accessed by the general public. Fixed mounts often have a much smaller footprints than free standing or mobile solutions meaning they excel in areas where space is limited.

Free Standing Monitor & TV Floor Stands

Our range of free standing TV Floor Stands are designed to be a permanent mounting solution but without the need to bolt to the floor. The bases have been designed to be heavy enough that they won’t present a tipping hazard but could still be moved at a later date if required. Although they provide more flexibility than a fixed monitor or TV floor stand the bases are often much larger.

Mobile Monitor & TV Floor Stands

When a screen is going to need to be used in several different locations it isn’t practical to have to transport a large free standing base from place to place. That’s why we’ve developed a range of mobile tv floor stands. Each with it’s own set of lockable castors these stands can easily be wheeled from one location to another and then secured in place preventing any unwanted movement.