Multiple Monitor Ceiling Mounts

Our range of Multiple Monitor & TV Ceiling Mounts allow several screens to be suspended from above on an attractive and compact pole design. Offering a good reach of tilt, swivel and height adjustment these mounts allow you to adjust the screens to get the optimum viewing angle for those viewing the screens from below. We also offer a great range of multiple monitor arms that can be mounted from the wall or desk or up from the floor. Our technical team can let you know which multi-screen solution would be compatible with your make and model of monitor or TV. For more information contact us today.

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    Infinity Sky Video Wall / Menu Board Ceiling Mount

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Back to Back Ceiling Mounts

One key benefit of a ceiling mounted arm is that it can positioned anywhere in the room (including the center) without taking away any wall or floor space. To take full advantage of this extra viewing area we have developed a range of back to back ceiling mounts so that the screen can easily be viewed regardless which side your viewing it from. It also makes good use of the space at the back of the screen that would otherwise be wasted on a single screen ceiling mount. These are great for use as office information points and digital signage solutions.

Securely Suspended

We understand that when mounted in a public area the safety of those around large piece of AV equipment must be a top priority. That’s why we only use the highest grade components to create our suspended mounting arm. Our mounts are designed to take considerable weights but are only as strong as the ceiling and supporting infrastructure around the mount. That is why we would always recommend you consult a professional AV installer before installing any ErgoMounts Multiple Monitor Ceiling Mounts.