Ultra 180 LUS Laptop Pole Mount


Mounting Surface: Pole Mount
Max Weight Capacity: 14.5Kg
Arm Reach: Compact, Extended Colours: Medical White, Light Grey, Black
Laptop Tray Size: 416.1mm Wide x 304.8mm Deep
Pull-out Mouse Tray Size: 190.5mm Wide x 304.8mm Deep

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The ErgoMounts Ultra 180 LUS Laptop Pole Mount is an ergonomic laptop arm with an additional slide out mouse tray. The LUS has been designed for medical and healthcare environments but is also ideal for office, commercial and industrial applications.

This laptop mount can routinely be wiped down with hospital grade cleaning solutions (10,000 parts bleach per 1,000,000) to help prevent cross contamination or the spread of infection. It also makes the Ultra 180 LUS Laptop Pole Mount great for areas where it is likely to be exposed to large amounts of dirt and dust for example, production lines or workshops as it has been designed with years or regular cleaning and wiping down in mind.

The entire arm can be rotated a full 360° around the pole and the laptop tray to be rotated another 360° independently at the end of the arm. The laptop tray also allows for a small amount of positive and negative tilt to achieve a comfortable typing position for the user. When no longer required the arm’s of the Ultra 180 LUS can be neatly stowed away by sliding the mouse platform underneath the laptop mount and flipping it up vertically. When flipped up and pushed all the way back to the pole this laptop arm only protrudes 158.75mm away from the pole itself. The inclusion of an ergonomic grab hole at the front of the tray means that the arm can easily be held, pulled, pushed and adjusted with out needing any tools or technical experience. Once in place this laptop pole mount arm has been designed for minimal wobble and movement giving users the most natural and comfortable typing experience possible.

With the Ultra 180 LUS Laptop Pole Mount you can easily create semi-permanent workstations within wards or offices where extended periods of ergonomic working is required but the device also needs to be portable.

Because of the high weight capacity (14.5Kgs) and large surface area of the laptop and mouse tray this mount is compatible with a wide range of laptop and notebook models. If you’re unsure whether you laptop will be compatible with the Ultra 180 LUS Laptop Pole Mount contact our sales team and we will be more than happy to check your device against our mount specifications.

The one thing that differs between the LUS and our standard Ultra Laptop Pole Mount is that the LUS also includes an ergonomic slide out mouse tray that can be used on either the left or right hand side of the laptop or notebook.

All of ErgoMount’s Ultra 180 LUS Laptop Mounts are manufactured to order by our partners in the USA (ICWUSA). That means each product can be configured to meet your exact range of requirements. For larger quantity order we can also powder coat the laptop tray in custom colours to match existing interior design, medical furniture or your company branding.

Installation and Maintenance is available on the product, contact us for more information.

Please Note: The Ultra Laptop Pole Mount went through a major design change in April 2017. This design change also effects the Ultra 180 LUS Laptop Wall Mount Series. Please contact us to discuss how this might affect your future orders.

Arm Reach

Compact, Extended


Medical White, Light Grey, Black

Pole Diameter

1.75'', 2'', 1.5''

Max Capacity



Specification Sheet


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