VisionPro 3500 Series Triple Monitor Desk Mount


Mounting Surface: Desk Mount
VESA Interface: 75mm x 75mm, 100mm x 100mm
Weight Capacity: 11.4Kg Per Screen
Arm Reach: Up to 0mm
Tilt Adjustment: +/- 0°
Swivel Adjustment: +/- 0°
Screen Orientation: Portrait or Landscape
Desk Fitting: Desk Clamp, Bolt Through, Free Standing
Colours: Black

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The ErgoMounts VisionPro 3500 Triple Monitor Desk Mount was designed and manufactured in response to demand for a version of the EMVP313 that was capable of supporting larger screens. The angle adjustable horizontal crosswings and adjustable pivot mounts allow monitor bezels to be positioned together and without gaps. This mount is compatible with screens featuring VESA 75mm x 75mm or 100mm x 100mm interfaces and weighing less than 11.4Kgs (each).. All models in the VisionPro 3500 Series can be supplied with either of the following stands:

Desk Clamp: Clamping the EMVP3513 to the side of the desk keeps the work surface clear but does not require a hole to be drilled in to the desk.
Bolt Through: A small hole needs to be drilled in the desk and the stand can be inserted through the center and fastened in place from below. This will always provide the tidiest and most secure final installation.
Free Standing: Allows the stand to be positioned anywhere on the desk without needing to make any alterations.

Another great benefit of the VisionPro 3500 Series is that it’s modular solution. At at later date if more screens are required or you would like to change the position of the screens we can supply the components needed to alter your existing setup rather than forcing you into purchasing an entirely new monitor stand..

  • Adjustable Crosswing and Ball Joint Pivot to fit screens of different sizes
  • Ball-joint System for rotate, tilt and swing adjustments of individual monitors
  • Reconfigurable for future expansion
  • Strong and attractively styled die-cast Aluminium Alloy construction
  • Cable Managed
  • Durable Black Powder Coated Finish

Utilising more than one monitor in the workplace has been proven to increase productivity by over 10% and reduce data entry errors by 18% (Source: University of Utah’s Department of Communication).



Desk Fitting

Bolt Through, Desk Clamp, Free Standing


VESA 100 x 100, VESA 75 x75

Max Capacity

11.4KG Per Screen


Specification Sheet


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