50mm Internal Pole Joiner

SKU: EMDS7243C-50

Mounting Surface: Pole Mount
Pole Diameter: 500mm
Steel Thickness: 4mm
Dimensions: 30mm x 200mm x 40mm
Colours: Silver

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The ErgoMounts Delta Series EMDS7243C is a robust internal pole joiner that allows you to secure 2 50mm diameter poles together seamlessly. The joiner itself is made from a single piece of 4mm heavy duty steel which easily bolts to the insides of the plates creating a rigid join but still allowing cables to pass through unimpeded.

  • Allows a rigid join of 2x 50mm diameter poles
  • Heavy duty steel supports substantial loads with minimal movement
  • Hidden from view once installed for a seamless pole join
  • Allows cables to pass through the poles and joiner
  • One-piece design for a quick install


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