CPU Holders

Using one of ErgoMounts CPU Holders helps free up valuable desk and floor space by mounting your computer directly to the wall, under-side of the desk or even on to a pole.

As well as home or office use we can also supply a range of medical grade CPU Holders designed for healthcare or clean room environments. Our Ultra CPU Holder series is manufactured to order by our partners ICWUSA. Because of the high grade nature of these mounts they are produced to your exact specification on a 14 – 21 day lead time.

Sometimes a cradle isn’t always the most practical way of mounting a CPU. That’s why we have developed a range of VESA mounting solutions for Small Form Factor PC’s that can attach them directly to any of our VESA compatible mounting solutions. These have proven incredible popular in the Pro AV sector where a small form factor PC or ITX board might need to be mounted out of site in order to operate a digital signage solution for example. Alternatively, we also have products that can mount the CPU to the back of the monitor creating an all in one style workstation. Both solutions are ideal for when using standard CPU Holder wouldn’t be possible.

Computer cases come in a wide range of size and shapes. Unfortunately this means we can’t supply a single mount that would work with every CPU on the market. Many of our products can operate within a range of widths and heights. It’s always best to double check measurements of your unit before purchasing an ErgoMounts CPU Holder. If you’re unsure whether your computer is going to fit it’s always best to contact our sales team who will check the compatibility and suggest suitable mounting options