EM9480-EXTV Column Extension Kit

  • Combines Infinity Vertical Columns to create taller installs
  • Spring-loaded bearings allow the joining bars to move easily into position
  • Columns slide easily into position to create a seamless join
  • Securely lock the columns in place using the internal grub screws
  • Includes 2 bars with hex bolts to make rear assembly quicker
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The EM9480-EXTV is an extension kit designed to extend vertical columns to a desired height, perfect for creating extra tall video walls and other digital signage installations. The kit consists of 4 steel joining bars which fit into the channels inside the column. The joining bars are then held firmly together using the internal grub screws and hex bolts. The underside of the joining bars feature spring-loaded bearings which allows the bars to move easily into their fixed position.


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