Ultra 500 Desk Mount Monitor Arm


Mounting Surface: Desk Mount
VESA Interface: 75mm x 75mm, 100mm x 100mm
Max Weight Capacity: 8.16Kg
Height Adjustment: 100mm
Arm Reach: Up to 600mm
Tilt Adjustment: +/- 45°
Swivel Adjustment: +/- 180°
Desk Fitting: Bolt Through
Colours: Medical White, Light Grey, Black

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The ErgoMounts Ultra 500 Monitor Desk Mount is a medical grade mounting solution. The ergonomic arm is built using state of the art manufacturing processes designed and engineered for years of reliable service in theatres, wards and clinical areas.

This desk mount offers a minimum of 100mm built in height adjustment. The Ultra 500 head unit provides up to +/-45° of tilt adjustment. Once in place the screen can be secured into position by tightening the two handles behind the monitor at either side of the arm.

The arm can be rotated a full 360° around the top of the Ultra 500’s desk riser which is available in several different heights: 1” (25mm), 3” (76mm), 5” (127mm) and 7.5” (127mm). Higher desk risers mean that any obstacles or items on the desk can be cleared with ease.

When not in use the arms of the Extend and Long Reach Ultra 550 models can be folded on top of one another to save additional desk space.

This mount has been designed to support screens weighing up to 8.16Kgs with VESA 75mm x 75mm or VESA 100mm x 100mm interface plates. If you’re unsure whether your screen is going to be compatible with this product contact our sales team for more information.

We have been supplying high end medical mounting solutions to NHS Trusts, Medical Universities, Dentists and even Veterinary Labs for almost 15 years.

This product is made out of billet Aluminium and is powder coated to produce a durable, lasting finish.

All of our Ultra 500 Desk Mounts are built to order by our manufacturing partners in the USA. On arrival to our headquarters all products are then hand assembled in the UK to ensure they meet ErgoMounts high product standards.

With several configurable options this product can be modified to meet your exact requirements. This includes 4 different desk riser heights, 3 arm reach lengths and 3 standard colours (more colours are available on request). If you are having trouble configuring the right product for you contact our sales team or alternatively speak to a live representative via our webchat at the bottom of the page.

Installation and Maintenance is available on this product, contact us today to find out more.


Medical White, Light Grey, Black

Arm Reach

Compact, Extended


VESA 100 x 100, VESA 75 x75

Max Capacity


Tilt Adjustment

+/- 45°

Swivel Adjustment

+/- 180°


Specification Sheet

Part Numbers

EMUL500-D1-MW, EMUL500-D1-QG, EMUL500-D1-TB, EMUL500-D1-A1-MW, EMUL500-D1-A1-QG, EMUL500-D1-A1-TB, EMUL500-D3-MW, EMUL500-D3-QG, EMUL500-D3-TB, EMUL500-D3-A1-MW, EMUL500-D3-A1-QG, EMUL500-D3-A1-TB, EMUL500-D5-MW, EMUL500-D5-QG, EMUL500-D5-TB, EMUL500-D5-A1-MW, EMUL500-D5-A1-QG, EMUL500-D5-A1-TB, EMUL500-D7-MW, EMUL500-D7-QG, EMUL500-D7-TB, EMUL500-D7-A1-MW, EMUL500-D7-A1-QG, EMUL500-D7-A1-TB,


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